• Role Model (Misali)

Nazim :
Mufti Omar saheb

Executive Head :
Janab Ishtiyaq saheb

Address :
Venkatappa Lane, Queens Road.

Keywords :

Online Remote Student Maktab

In 1994 – A Group of Zimmedar’s of Dawat – o – Tabligh under the leadership (Ameer) of Al Haj Farooq Ahmed Saheb were travelling from Bangalore to Delhi via Train. As usual after Mashwara (consultation/meeting) it was decided to meet muslim brothers in the train. Then it happened to meet some brothers who doesn’t seems to be muslims with their appearance. Their Language was Kannada, Dress was dhoti which was tradition of non muslims here. After having a brief conversation with them, they revealed that they are attending Deeni congregation in Qadiyan Punjab and they have been provided free ticket to Delhi and Agrah. From their discussion it came out that Qadiyani is spreading their imprint in villages through Makatib (Deeni Schools). Then we convinced them to join us. Thus Allah (SWT) helped to preserve their Iman.

This incident has created deep concern amongst that if Makatib’s (Deeni Schools) network is not spread then it is difficult to save Imaan our progeny. Immediately from there on Zimmedars of Dawat – o – Tabligh Karnataka State, Moulana Mohammed Qasim Qureshi Saheb and Alhaj Farooq Ahmed Saheb started appealing to Ulema (Scholars) that effort is required to Organize the Makatibs. Anyhow despite efforts required result was not met. Meanwhile visited Makatibs of Gujrath and Kerala and analyzed their syllabus and also the syllabus of South Africa.

We were teaching Noorani Qaeda, Talim ul Islam and Ashrafi Taalim and this syllabus was in front of us. Inspite of this there was a feeling that there is a need of a comprehensive System and Syllabus which can bring Uniformity among maktabs, improve the system of Maktabs, Integrate the Makatib, which should be Stable and Useful. In these efforts around 7 – 8 years have passed.

During this time, we came to know that that A businessman in Mumbai Haji Rafiq Ahmed Saheb, who is host of our great and elderly scholars specially Hardoui Alaihirrahma and Shaikh Younus Saheb, is putting effort with a group of scholars (Ulema) in preparing a syllabus for Makatib. Hence a team of 50 people consists of Adminstrators of various Madaaris, Responsible Scholars (Ulema), And Leaders of the city reached there and analyzed the Syllabus. After satisfied with their efficient work the above team has decided that we too should start Maktab in more organized way. Alhamdulillah with the help of people involved in Madaris e Islamiyah and Dawath – o – tabligh, the effort to spread the network of Makatib has started.